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26 – 30.1.2018, Frankfurt am Main

Trend Show and Trends 2017/18

Delightful moment

Which annual events do we celebrate? What atmosphere do we want to achieve? And how do we create our festive decorations? The Christmasworld Trends 2017/18 and the Trend Show offer you ideas for designing selections of products, collections and showrooms in the retail trade.

The overall thread running through the new trends, identified as
'Delightful Moment': In this atmosphere, happy and untroubled moments serve as a valuable time of recuperation for the soul. The Christmasworld Trends for 2017/18 represent a call to take advantage of Christmas and other festivals during the year and create some agreeable time out for oneself.

Trendscouts: bora.herke.palmisano

The trendscouts: Cem Bora, Claudia Herke and Annetta Palmisano

As trendscouts Cem Bora, Claudia Herke and Annetta Palmisano develop powerful themes. Their inspiration comes from fashion, art, interiors and lifestyle. When visually translating new trends, bora.herke.palmisano create exceptional sets, which emotively capture and artistically present tomorrow's trends.