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Another 194 days to go before Christmas! Christmasworld exhibitors’ trends make their way onto the shelves from September

Jun 13, 2017

Christmas 2017: could be that a little less is more! The trend is for quality, quirkiness and tradition.

Christmasworld impressions 2017

Stop for a second, enjoy a few moments of peace and quiet, bathe in one's memories – in 2017, the Christmas festival is all set to allow the spirit to relax and delicate tones provide the background. And the colour palette at Christmasworld from 27 to 31 January 2017 reflected this: warm copper, rich gold, snow white, as well as lustrous, full red tones, natural greens and relaxing shades of blue create a calm, pleasant, but also festive, ambience. With the help of formal echoes of times past, quality products such as hand-blown baubles and traditional motifs, old values are revived and lend a feeling of safety and security. Vintage is a key trend for 2017 - and not only at Christmas time. So, too, are casually found objects and holiday souvenirs; and humorous figures from the world of comics and fairy-tale make for brighter moments.  Alongside these, products made from natural materials and the gentle light of candles remain popular.

These and other trends were presented by over 1,000 exhibitors from 42 countries at the leading international trade fair for festive and seasonal decoration in Frankfurt am Main. This year, too, Christmasworld provided more than 43,000 trade and professional visitors from all over the world with an overview, in its Trend Show, of the major decorative trends.

The overarching leitmotif, 'delightful moment', identified by the bora.herke.palmisano Trend Bureau, reflects the latest currents in fashion, interior design and architecture, as they manifest themselves in the products being promoted by the exhibitors. They can all be found on retailers' shelves.

The Christmasworld Trends 2017/18 exemplify the overarching leitmotif ‘delightful moment’.
The Christmasworld Trends 2017/18 exemplify the overarching leitmotif ‘delightful moment’.

Colour trends for 2017: soft and atmospheric to classically traditional

Classic red and gold continue to decorate the festivities. Shoe decoration from Krebs & Sohn and gold-painted Santas from Baden.
Classic red and gold continue to decorate the festivities. Shoe decoration from Krebs & Sohn and gold-painted Santas from Baden.

In 2017, the Christmas festival is set to be celebrated in relatively subdued, rather than loud, colours. Copper becomes even warmer and acquires a reddish hue; pink, perhaps in combination with warm nougat or hazelnut tones, gives a sense of delicate freshness. White lends a touch of freshness all year round. As the days grow colder and darker, the colours become, however, richer, deeper, darker - but also more lustrous and festive: midnight blue is very much on trend, as is denim blue. On the question of what generated most orders after the show, opinions are divided. “Blue didn’t go very well in our shop. Our experience is that everyone always wants to see something new, but, at the end of the day, always buy what they are familiar with; in other words, they buy what is traditional: white, pink, green, lilac,” says Joost Wieseman, owner of Jodeco Glass. “Traditional colours are always popular,” confirms Matula Bogumil from Dagmara, too. “But our customers this year were very interested in turquoise and in dark blue tree decorations as well”.

Red remains a classic colour that can't be overlooked; it sometimes appears darker, sometimes in a powerful orange-red, almost lobster-coloured, sometimes in a strawberry shade. Gold remains part of the mainstream trend, and the elegance of silver just is part of Christmas, as is green. And there is no shortage of the dignity of black and even a dark lilac.

Also seen on the stands: copper: Hoff, Dagmara; Eurosand; nougat: Kersten, Othmar Decorations, midnight blue: Weiste, Jodeco Glas, DK International Interiors, denim blue: Comarco, Bizotto, Rottöne: Bizotto, Goodwill, Goldina Da Vinci; black: Walco Potterie, silver: Sandra Rich

Motifs from the ‘good old days’

Vintage designs decorate surfaces at Hanco.
Vintage designs decorate surfaces at Hanco.

There have been echoes of the styles of the 50s and 60s around for some time now but, this year, the pleasure we take in old styles is particularly in evidence. Not least when it comes to Christmas decorations, we find some enchanting motifs from, say, the 30s, 40s and 50s: chubby cherub faces, grumpy old Santas looking into them, as well as cats, pudgy moon faces, little girls with big red bows in their hair. In short; vintage is very much in demand. So, too, sets of antiquarian pictures with rose-pink and light blue glitter are used to decorate baubles, candles and plain metal pendants “The high-quality workmanship of our baubles and figures with old traditional motifs have been selling well for us for years. Whilst it may well now be spreading as a trend, it has had its fans for a long time – and, indeed, right across the globe,” explains Johann Pöcksteiner, Managing Director of Hanco.

This trend contrasts with the modern, humorous motifs from the worlds of Manga and other comics, such as snow-men with clowns' faces and big red noses and plain baubles with witty sayings.

“Make-it-yourself products went particularly well this year; like our cardboard gingerbread house, that you can paint yourself, for example. Alongside this, our artificial wreath in the form of the peace symbol was a real hit. It is a topical subject at the moment and makes a statement that is particularly appropriate at Christmas. Also well received were our ceramic bottle stoppers with little trees or reindeer - or a Santa, of whom you can only see the bottom half. So, playful and amusing motifs, to which our customers down south also warmed,” reports Dimitrios Aptidis, Managing Director with special responsibility for marketing and sales at Donkey Products.

Donkey brings playfulness and humour to Xmas decorations – of particular interest to young, male customers
Donkey brings playfulness and humour to Xmas decorations – of particular interest to young, male customers

Hoff, Kaheku, Shishi, Gawol; funny snowmen, amusing motifs: Donkey, Det Gamble Apotek, Kaemingk, Cody Foster & Co, Kölnschätze, Krebs Glas Lauscha

Decorating with emotion

Delicate decoration made from recycled paper is much in demand from Inmark
Delicate decoration made from recycled paper is much in demand from Inmark

2017 is not just about bathing in one's memories, it is about something more subtle: there is a trend for the soft and the delicate – grandma's lace is celebrating its comeback and can be found, say, on Christmas-tree baubles or as hanging decorations. Filigree designs in paper, for instance, are also in vogue: “Our paper stars and small paper ornaments, as well as our lamps in the shape of snowflakes, have been our most successful products so far this year,” observes Virender Kumar, Managing Director of Inmark, too. “We sold them mainly to Scandinavia, but also to Germany and Australia.” There is also, in his view, a particular trend this year for natural materials, recycled items and environmentally friendly products.”

But delicate items made of wire, glass and metal are currently also very popular: wafer-thin metal stars, delicate wire wreaths and plain glass medallions draw the eye to details. The pure beauty of glass not only, however, lends something delicate to the Christmas tree – there are also spring bouquets, candles, sweets, cakes, wines and liqueurs that are clearly given a lift through the use of this particular material.

Also seen on the stands: glass vessels Clayre & Eef, Hoff, delicate paper baubles: Inmark. Baubles covered in lace: Clayre & Eef, StivoTex, metal wreath: Gilde; delicate and tiny metal stars: Eurosand, Gilde, Gift Company

Animals fit in everywhere

Owls and wooden products in teak are selling really well for Djik
Owls and wooden products in teak are selling really well for Djik

It is not only on Facebook and YouTube that animal clips have proved extremely popular – foxes, deer, stags, owls, rabbits, dogs, cats and birds all continue to be used as decoration to create special accents; they exist in all imaginable sizes, materials and forms. They decorate cushions, candles, baubles. A particular place is reserved for birds this year: all species and kinds of bird are to be found in abundance on Christmas decorations: elaborately and naturalistically painted, drawn with delicate lines or as a complete decoration in the shape of a bird. As a result, birds hang from the Christmas tree, adorn the Easter table, decorate shrubs and windows. “Owls are trendy,” confirms Johann Pöcksteiner from Hanco, for example. And Dijk, too, are banking on the success of our feathered friends: “There is a trend for all sorts and kinds of bird – no matter what the season. At the same time, for us at least, products made of teak are selling really well, often, for example, in the form of spheres of one kind or another. Anything natural is just booming at the moment,” reports Marvin Honsbeck, Sales Manager at the Dutch company.

Also seen on the stands: birds: Arte, Hanco, Inge Glas, Edelman; birds on a candle: Diana Candles, wooden owl: Dijk, animals in general: Nova Nature, Shishi

Elaborate and quirky: Christmas-tree decoration

Still popular as tree decorations are, moreover, fantasy figures: fairies, sea creatures, unicorns and angels, as well as dogs of any and every breed - and, indeed, animals in general. Equally popular are hanging decorations with culinary motifs. And even decorations with a Star Wars theme for the Galactic Christmas Tree.

hanging decorations with culinary motifs
Star-Wars pendants for a Galactic Christmas Tree

More strongly in evidence, this year at Christmasworld 2017, were glass baubles with embedded sprigs, brightly coloured pearls, stars, or tiny trees and Santas. “Transparent baubles and stars with natural items embedded in them are particularly popular with our customers at the moment,” confirms Janine Siegfried from Kaheku. Alongside these, she reports, white baubles with glitter or pearl decoration are being ordered in increasing quantities.

Baubles filled with embedded natural objects/Kaheku
white baubles with glitter/Kaheku
Christmas balls with unusual surfaces / Dagmara

Quality-crafted baubles, too, together with artistically designed, little glass trees are a trend in 2017. This was shown, for instance, in the detailed work exhibited in some decorative beetles with fine glass legs, destined for the Christmas tree, in glass discs with delicately drawn cats' faces and the most intricate feathers, or baubles with elaborately painted natural motifs or set with stones. “Our medallion pendant decorations with cats faces on them were the big hit,” confirms Matula Bogumil from Dagmara.

As a general principle, however, it was also baubles with unusual surfaces, say special varnish effects, sandy textures and 3D crystal glitter, that were amongst the most ordered items. “The fashion is very much for unusual, high-quality products – and our sales figures show it.”

Also seen on the stands: food: Inge Glas; fantasy figures: Goodwill; high-quality items: Hanco, Dagmara, Inge Glas, Rödentaler; glass baubles with something inside; Kaheku, Scheulen, Räder; little glass trees: Shishi, metal star and a heart with brightly coloured pearls: Bell Arte

Continuing trend: natural items – the cactus and the pineapple

Nature is, at once, a model, a source of inspiration and a provider of raw materials. Nature is, simply, the fashionable thing at the moment! Ceramic pots and bowls imitate the form of leaves and woodgrain and echo the shapes and forms of feathers.

Nature is the model for many of the designs.
Nature is the model for many of the designs.
The line of products in recycled glass by Jodeco Glass has sold really well.
The line of products in recycled glass by Jodeco Glass has sold really well.

Antlers are fashioned in porcelain and silver. Wood is worked to form bowls, plant-pot holders, candle holders. Flowers, shrubs, brushwood and moss form wreaths, are made into fresh bouquets, bring life to tables and entrances. But natural fruits, too, are popular, such as acorns and pine cones. Equally popular are soft materials such as felt and wool – in the form of bright and cheerful hanging decorations.

And vases too can happily also be ‘natural’. As Joost Wieseman from Jodeco Glass observes: “We do a line of products made from recycled glass and they have sold really, really well this year.”

Also to be seen were, moreover, some felt plant-pot covers, as well as wreaths with felt woven into them. Particularly popular for 2017 are cacti and succulents – both real and imitation - as containers, vases, candles and fairy lights and also as motifs on cushions.

The cactus is in the ascendancy. Be it in natural form or as a hanging decoration from Inge Glas or as a design on cushions from pad home. Pineapples, too, are still around and command attention – even in winter: in the form of a black candles, for example or a string of fairy lights.

The cactus is in the ascendancy by Inge Glas
Pillow with cactus by pad home
String of fairy lights from Star Trading
pineapple candle from Wiedemann

Also seen on the stands: taken from nature: Hogewoning, wood: Exner, Heim; porcelain cactus: Trend Center, Wiedemann: candles, pineapple candle: Graziani; felt plant-pot cover: Lehner Wolle, felt pendant decoration: Cody Foster & Co, felt baubles with bast-lace banderoles and angel-shaped jute pendants: Othmar Decorations, leaf motifs: Vosteen

Creating a sense of freshness and atmosphere: stars and trees

Alongside all this, traditional motifs such as stars and trees are also on trend; small metal stars in copper colours or silver, made from fine wood or paper are also popular, as are wreaths, plant-pot covers and star-shaped tea-light jars. The tree, in particular, is a major motif in the upcoming season: sometimes in stylised, sometimes in naturalistic forms. There are echoes of a wide variety of tree shapes and they are made in a wide range of materials, colours and sizes – tiny for the kitchen table and gigantic for shops and entrance lobbies; and they exist as wax hanging decorations, candles and candle motifs, as well as being carved, stamped and sawn out of wood. “We’ve a whole series of different trees for table decoration with a variety of motifs such as, for example, fairy-tale motifs; however, it’s the traditional tree of the forest, with woodland animals that has been selling particularly well so far,” explains Michaela Gollnisch from Kölnschätze.

Also seen on the stands: trees: Shishi, Gift Company, Walco Potterie, Edelman, Gehlmann, Goodwill, Light & Living, AM Design, Inge Glas; stars: Piovaccari, Othmar Decorations, Eurosand, Light & Living

More atmosphere with candlelight

A hint of luxury is getting a good reception at Graziani: the high quality of the candles is emphasised by the special packaging.
A hint of luxury is getting a good reception at Graziani: the high quality of the candles is emphasised by the special packaging.

If things need to be a little more cosy and romantic, then candlelight is a must. This is evidenced by the wide variety of candle shapes, colours and styles that were exhibited at Christmasworld 2017: simple pillar candles, turned, or in the form of icicles, textured, as if batiked, uncompromisingly shiny, with uneven surfaces or shaped like a pineapple, like Santa Claus or like a rabbit, in a porcelain holder with a wooden lid or in a finely ground glass receptacle, with delicate illustrations or a lace banderole. In the spring, they embellish classic Easter motifs like bunnies, lambs, birds and snowdrops. In winter, stars, hearts, and trees. You can even have your own name specially printed on the candle – the cult of the selfie is never far away!

There is, however, a noticeable trend for more high-quality items. “We have been extremely successful this year with our luxury collection,” reports Amanda Martinucci, Marketing Director at Graziani. “The candles are of very high quality and benefit from a particularly shiny surface. It takes four days for this special paint to dry. In order to underline their high quality, they are produced in special gift packaging and that is being received really, really well. Our customers, of course, are always looking for something a bit special and we have responded to that.”

Also seen on the stands: candles in jars, batiked candles: DK International Interior AS, birds: Diana Candles, Frado; candles with names, lace and lettering: Richard Wenzel, spherical candles with special surface effects and gold settings, lacquered and turned candles, and with imitation lace banderole: Adpal

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