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In top form: Christmasworld a complete success with an unrivalled spectrum of products, great internationality, numerous visitors and a high propensity to order

Jan 31, 2017

In full blossom: triumphal Floradecora première – 67 exhibitors in contact with more than 10,700 trade buyers from Christmasworld, Paperworld and Creativeworld. The trade begins the new festive season with a host of fresh ideas.

Healthy growth of three percent in the number of exhibitors and a four percent increase on the visitor side confirms that our four consumer-goods fairs – Christmasworld, Floradecora, Paperworld and Creativeworld – represent the international hub for the worldwide trade.

Innovations, new product ideas and sales concepts bring trade up to speed: the three international consumer-goods fairs Christmasworld, Paperworld and Creativeworld, as well as the new Floradecora trade fair end today for 2,938 exhibitors from 63 countries (2016: 2,855*) with countless new contacts and well-filled order books. Over 85,400 trade visitors from 154 countries (2016: 82,097[1]) made their way to Frankfurt Fair and Exhibition Centre to place their orders for the coming season and cultivate important business relationships. Summing up the results of the fair, Detlef Braun, Member of the Executive Board of Messe Frankfurt, said: “Healthy growth of three percent in the number of exhibitors and a four percent increase on the visitor side confirms that our four consumer-goods fairs – Christmasworld, Floradecora, Paperworld and Creativeworld – represent the international hub for the worldwide trade. The top decision makers from all sales channels were here – altogether, there were more visitors in Frankfurt, especially from Germany, than a year ago.”

Braun, who spoke with numerous trade associations and exhibitors, added, “Simultaneously, the high level of internationality (60 percent) meant manufacturers enjoyed excellent export opportunities.” Three quarters of all visitors are top managers and have the necessary decision-making authority, which underscores the very high visitor standard.

Christmasworld 2017 generates ‘Happy New Business’ – for more exhibitors (+12.3 percent) and more visitors (+9.7 percent)

Christmasworld and Floradecora attracted 43,233 visitors from 110 countries (17,690 from Germany and 25,543 from abroad[2]) to Frankfurt am Main at the end of January. A total of 1,070 exhibitors from 42 countries presented their latest products and decoration trends. Of this total, 67 companies from six countries took part in the new Floradecora fair in Hall 11.1. More than 10,700 trade visitors from the three Christmasworld, Paperworld and Creativeworld trade fairs visited Floradecora for professional reasons on the four days of the order fair.

I am very pleased. Our sales were good. We take part in 20 fairs a year. Naturally, Christmasworld is highly international and that makes it enjoyable. If anyone asks me what fair they should visit, I always say Christmasworld.

This year, there were not only more visitors to Christmasworld from abroad (+8.4 percent) but also significantly more from Germany (+11.7 percent). After the host nation, the best represented countries were Italy, the Netherlands, France, the United Kingdom, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, China, Poland, Spain, Russia and the USA. Also striking was the increased number of visitors from the retail and wholesale trades.

“Once again, Christmasworld has topped the previous year’s results with a big increase in both exhibitor and visitor numbers. As the flagship of the international decoration sector, it continues to forge ahead and underscore its unchallenged position as the leading trade fair for seasonal and festive decorations. Without exception, all indicators are pointing to growth. Therefore, the outlook for good business is bright for all participants”, says Cordelia von Gymnich, Vice President, Consumer Goods II, Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH.

The role of Christmasworld as the leading international trade fair for the sector was also emphasised by Jeroen Blaauw, CEO, Jodeco Glass: “I am very pleased. Our sales were good. We take part in 20 fairs a year. Naturally, Christmasworld is highly international and that makes it enjoyable. If anyone asks me what fair they should visit, I always say Christmasworld.” In the same vein, Helmut Schmidt, CEO, Weihnachtsland GmbH, said, “It could hardly be better and that after only the third day. Sales are going very well and this is the optimum starting point for the coming season.”

Blend of Christmas and seasonal decorations with fresh flowers and plants a source of satisfaction among trade visitors and exhibitors

The results of the visitor survey confirm that the product portfolio is right on target: significantly more than 90% of visitors said they were either satisfied or very satisfied with the spread of products and manufacturers, as well as with the trade fairs themselves. 96 percent of respondents said they had achieved their trade-fair goals. As in the past, the greatest trade-visitor interest was shown in Christmas and Advent decorations with 68 percent (2016: 64 percent) followed by seasonal decorations (35 percent), gifts (30 percent), florists’ requisites & garden decorations (28 percent), candles (25 percent) and visual merchandising & lighting (22 percent).

Christmasworld went really well this year. We had more inquiries than last year, our stand was constantly busy. This might be due to our innovations, but the fair once again had more to offer this year.

For Christmasworld exhibitors, the visitor standard, the number of new contacts and the propensity to order during the fair were significantly up on the previous event. According to the exhibitor poll, all three indicators were at least two percentage points higher than the previous year and three quarters of exhibitors said they were satisfied to extremely satisfied with the fair. “The number of visitors has been very good and the new, fourth fair, Floradecora, actually enabled our members to reach new customers from garden centres and florists. Our visitors from the retail trade came, in particular, from Italy and Russia, including Siberia and Mongolia. North America was once again represented by several major customers. All in all, the result of the fair is positive – with increased sales and a good visitor standard. After all, this is where the decision makers come and, last but not least, Christmas always comes around once a year”, said Hamid Yazdtschi, CEO, Gilde Group, summarizing for his members.

New exhibitor Decopoint GmbH was also delighted with Christmasworld: “The mood at the fair ranged from very good, via willing to order and busy, to euphoric. Great customers, extremely interested, very professional from America to Asia,” said CEO Martin Klauser. Another exhibitor, Johann Hugues, CEO of Blachère Illumination, reached a similar conclusion: Christmasworld went really well this year. We had more inquiries than last year, our stand was constantly busy. This might be due to our innovations, but the fair once again had more to offer this year.”

Together with Floradecora, Christmasworld offered a range of fresh decorations that generated new purchasing impulses for the trade and were gratefully received by buyers. “We are wholesalers and gave careful consideration to the target groups we wanted to reach here in Frankfurt. For us, they are garden centres, DIY stores and florists, as well as hoteliers, event planners and gift boutiques. They need attractive presentation ideas that can be integrated into their assortments without a great effort. Hence, this was the orientation of our presentation at Floradecora. And it was a great success with our stand being full from the first day on”, said Nancy van Kleef-van Duijvenbode of FleuraMetz, who exhibited at the first Floradecora.

A great première: new Floradecora order fair generates important impulses and growth chances for the trade and green sector

Floradecora provides the new momentum the industry needs. The concept is impressive and we very much hope that the exhibition establishes itself in Frankfurt.

The 1st Floradecora took place parallel to Christmasworld as a new trade fair for fresh flowers and plants with over 60 suppliers presenting their products and concept solutions in Hall 11.1. In addition to numerous Christmasworld exhibitors, the European Lifestyle Association also welcomed Messe Frankfurt's innovative spirit in developing new formats and assortments for the trade: "Floradecora provides the new momentum the industry needs. The concept is impressive and we very much hope that the exhibition establishes itself in Frankfurt", said EVL Managing Director Heike Tscherwinka.

This point of view was seconded by Peter Botz, Managing Director of the Association of German Garden Centres (Verband Deutscher Garten-Center e.V.) who represents the around 200 German garden centres that visited Christmasworld and Floradecora: “We are very pleased with this new fair and support the initiative even though it means that other branches of the retail trade will begin including flowers and plants in their assortments. This development is unstoppable. Therefore, from our point of view, Messe Frankfurt is backing a winner.”

Visitors to Floradecora were also very pleased with the fair and 92 percent said they had achieved their goals for the fair. “For a new fair, these are excellent results. They indicate that we are on the right track and can further develop the concept on this good basis”, says a delighted Cordelia von Gymnich. The most visitor interest was shown in cut flowers (59 percent) followed by ceramics, planters and florists’ requisites (42 percent), indoor plants (40 percent), decoration wrapping materials (39 percent), plants for the balcony and terrace (34 percent), decorative greenery (31 percent) and flower bulbs (21 percent).

That the concept was an immediate success was confirmed by exhibitors such as Europe’s biggest Christmas-tree producer, Arbodania from Denmark: "We reached target groups that were completely new to us, such as a large furniture chain that we would never have met at any other fair. This opens up new market opportunities for us and new sales potential for buyers”, said Sales Director Michael Schnor. The new order fair also lived up to expectations for Danny van Uffelen of Zentoo who said, “We wanted to reach new target groups, for example, florists who are looking for new solutions like convenience products. This is not possible at conventional flower fairs. But it is at Floradecora, and that with a very high visitor standard." The combination of cut flowers, indoor plants and decorative elements also creates new growth opportunities for Christmasworld exhibitors: "We were instantly aware of this new product segment close to the Christmasworld halls. Significantly more florists visited our stand than a few years ago. It's a great synergy", was the verdict of Manuel Vels, CEO of Pusteblume.

“The concept has good chances for growth in the future. The foundations have been laid. The result is something completely different and immediately creates a great impression”, said Caroline Haakman, Barendsen Flowers Aalsmeer. Another exhibitor, Martien van den Berg, Sales Manager, Greenflor, added: “I am thrilled. We have been able to make an excellent contact and have held numerous good discussions with potential customers from Japan, Russia, Estonia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Portugal.”
Four intensive days ended with a highly promising initial conclusion: “We have received lots of positive feedback and numerous constructive ideas from the première, which will help us make the second edition event better”, said Eva Olbrich, Director, Christmasworld and Floradecora, Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH.

‘Surprise Surprise’ links two worlds

For the seventh year running, Holland’s Rudi Tuinman and Pascal Koeleman of 2Dezign created a gigantic special show as a source of inspiration for new product presentations, shop windows and large-scale decorations. Under the motto ‘Surprise, Surprise’, they inspired visitors with colours ranging from candy to loud shades and an exuberant, astonishing spectrum of decorations, including a giant birthday cake and pink-blue elephants. Always in combination with decorative products from exhibitors, fresh flowers and plants were the absolute attention grabbers of the presentation. “The focus is not on individual products. It’s all about creating an atmosphere. Make something different! Surprise your customers! Give them a good feeling! Then, adults become children and always want to go back to your shop”, said Rudi Tuinman of 2dezign explaining the aim of the presentation. Incidentally, the idea for the new Floradecora trade-fair concept came from this special show because the interest shown by visitors in fresh products rose from year to year.

Christmasworld Trends: quality, quirky, traditional

The Christmasworld Trend Show in the Foyer of Hall 11.0 showcased ways of winning over the customer with new colours, materials and designs, using four different colour scenarios: 'a fanciful celebration of joy', 'a distinctive figure of modernity', 'a valuable handling of tradition' and 'a gentle touch of nature'. The overarching leitmotif, 'delightful moment', identified by the bora.herke.palmisano Trend Bureau, reflects the latest currents in fashion, interior design and architecture, as they manifest themselves in the products being promoted by the exhibitors. In 2017, people will be using the Christmas festival to allow the spirit to relax, to enjoy moments of peace and quiet, to bathe in their memories – and it is the more delicate shades that best fit in with this. Accordingly, the colour palette at Christmasworld reflected this: warm copper, rich gold, snow white, as well as lustrous, sumptuous reds, natural greens and relaxing shades of blue create a calm, pleasant, but also festive, ambience. With the help of formal echoes of times past, quality products such as hand-blown baubles and traditional motifs, old values are revived and lend a feeling of safety and cosy security. Vintage is a key trend for 2017, and not only at Christmas time. So too are casually found objects and holiday souvenirs; and humorous figures from the world of comics and fairytale make for festive moments in spring and winter. Alongside these, products made from natural materials as well as the gentle light of candles all remain popular, often with a high-quality feel and on display with polished, shiny surfaces. Particularly striking is the presence of pineapple and cactus motifs, together with botanical patterns, which represent a thread running through all product areas and which were also on show 'in the flesh', as new trends in plants at Floradecora.

Floradecora Trends: creative and surprising

The impact of flowers and plants is to create surprise. Above all, shades of pink and rose, turquoise, lilac and peach made themselves felt in the new varieties of roses and tulips, gerbera, lilies and lisianthus, presented in unusual arrangements and creating some stunning images. Traditional pot plants such as anthurium, amaryllis, kalanchoe and orchid create a stir when presented as cut flowers. Terraces and rockeries, hanging baskets, sumptuous bouquets and formal sprays are now modern. Pot-plants from grandmother's time are celebrating a comeback with alpine violets, bromeliads and gloxinias. Cacti and succulents, too, fit in with the retro trend and are thought to provide an ideal touch of greenery for a lifestyle in the urban jungle. Single blooms, single pots take a back seat in favour of effective, prettily packaged and unusual ensembles. Everything may be rethought and juxtaposed; the main thing is that the effect is positive and conjures a surprised and, indeed, joyful smile on the face of the beholder. And it is at festive times, in particular, that creative freedom is at its most unlimited as a result. Flowers, grasses, leaves and plants extend the emotive effect of atmospheric decorations and play a stylish part in all the various trends on display at Christmasworld.

New format for the Premium Business Programme a success

Shopping centres, retailers, cities and municipalities seek to inspire their guests and customers with impressive decorations and presentations revolving around seasonal occasions. What is going to be possible and necessary in the future was the subject of discussion at the Premium Business Programme in a new event format with two themed, target-group-specific conferences. The Retail Day on the Friday was organised in cooperation with the German Council of Shopping Centres (GCSC). In his visionary lecture on ‘Retail Trends 2030’, trendwatcher and futurologist Richard van Hooijdonk presented mega-trends that are set to change shopping behaviour over the coming decades and, therefore, have a decisive impact on business. To ensure a perfect atmosphere, the GCSC brought its members together on the eve of the fair for a New Year’s Reception in Frankfurt. As a special novelty, the Centre Management Forum was also held in Frankfurt and formed the first part of the day.

At the Urban Marketing Day, which was held in cooperation with the German City and Urban Marketing Association (Bundesvereinigung City- und Stadtmarketing Deutschland e.V. –bcsd), Stefan Suchanek, lecturer for visual rhetoric and presentation in Munich, discussed sensuous and sensible urban decorations in his lecture and workshop on ‘Your town – your people’. The day was rounded off by the presentation of the ‘Best Christmas City’ awards. There was an extremely positive response from the around 300 Premium participants to the new practice-oriented programme at the new location, the Christmasworld Premium Lounge in Hall 11.0, which is distinguished by direct link to the fair with its lighting innovations and trends.

Best Christmas City honours the efforts made by German towns and cities

The four most attractive German towns and cities last Christmas were announced during the bcsd City Marketing Day: Rüdesheim am Rhein won the public voting and a professional ‘Christmas Check’ by the Gesellschaft für Markt- und Absatzforschung (GMA). Triberg im Schwarzwald, Freiberg and Potsdam are the winners of the jury voting to find the ‘Best Christmas City’. Each wins a high-grade urban decoration for the coming season, to be provided by Christmasworld exhibitors Blachère Illumination, Ilméx and MK Illumination.

A total of 49 cities entered for the third edition of the competition organised by Christmasworld, the German City and Urban Marketing Association (bcsd) and Public Marketing magazine. “The jury had a tough job because the quality of presentations in the towns and cities at Christmas has risen and it is becoming more difficult to find significant differences” said bcsd General Manager Jürgen Block. Common to all presentations is the leading role played by light in creating an emotional atmosphere. Ideas and lighting concepts adapted to the individual urban centres are also important for the sponsors. Summarising, Karl-Heinz König of MK Illumination said, “Despite all the technology involved, the idea is to make people happy.” Or, as Fernando Cabrera from Ilmex put it, “Our aim is to touch people’s hearts with light.”

Next events:

As in the past, the quartet of consumer-goods fairs will be held around the last Saturday in January:

  • Christmasworld: 26 to 30 January 2018
  • Floradecora: 26 to 30 January 2018
  • Paperworld and Creativeworld: 27 to 30 January 2018


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[2] Basis: Christmasworld 2016 figures FKM certified: 953 exhibitors (203 from Germany and 750 from abroad) and 39,398 visitors (15,837 from Germany and 23,561 from abroad)


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