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Christmasworld "vivid heritage" trend enhances POS designs at Florapark Wagner in Wiesloch

May 2, 2018

If you are looking for a summertime interpretation of Christmasworld trends 18/19, you will find it now at Florapark Wagner in Wiesloch. Visual-merchandising experts Stefanie Thierfelder and Julia Nawra, together with joint owner Susanne Dürr and her decoration team, are engaged on realising the Christmasworld “vivid heritage” trend.

“vivid heritage” is a very joyous trend, just right for us and the current season. And it has the potential to last longer – that is very important from our point of view”, is how Susanne Dürr explains her Christmasworld trend selection. Since 2001, along with her brother Alexander Wagner, the floral-art designer, state certified in Weihenstephan, has been running one of the largest garden centres in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region. She has won the professional POS design and product presentation which was raffled off in the prize draw at Christmasworld 2018 and organised in cooperation with trade journals “florieren!” and “Dega Grüner Markt”.

POS design by Florapark Wagner in Wiesloch in the Christmasworld Trend vivid heritage
The Christmasworld vivid heritage trend encourages visitors to enjoy fresh, summertime decoration at Florapark Wagner in Wiesloch. Photograph: Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH / Jean-Luc Valentin

On 19 April visual-merchandising specialists Stefanie Thierfelder and Julia Nawra started work for the fourth time under a commission for Messe Frankfurt. Once again, the two experts were faced with a major challenge, since Florapark Wagner not only comprises some 10,000 m² of total sales floors, but also employs its own decoration team, adept in the very professional design of sales areas and trend islands in the garden centre. Every year they gain inspiration at Christmasworld and from the Trend Show. “The Trend Show is actually our first starting point to get an overview of the new developments. In contrast to showrooms, what I particularly prefer at Christmasworld is the broad product selection and the direct contact with new and existing suppliers”, adds Dürr. They even archive the Christmasworld Trend Books and cards, to gain new ideas constantly.

vivid heritage – a holiday atmosphere in red, yellow and blue

The maxim needed to stand out sharply, so that vivid heritage was not submerged in the wide variety of trend islands. “And we wanted to give Florapark Wagner and its customers some tangible added value – that is the aim of the joint campaign”, says Stefanie Thierfelder. After all, the special product show is intended to arouse interest among the customers, offering both exciting experiences and incentives to purchase. “Around 30 percent of purchases continue to reflect actual demand, while 70 percent are made spontaneously through inspiration. At the moment in the retail trade we are noticing that the design and emotional tone of the shop interior are being given a much stronger presentation than the shop windows. Of course this means that the customer is much nearer to what is happening and to the product”, says Julia Nawra.

At a preliminary meeting it was agreed to have two extensive decoration points – one directly by the entrance, to draw immediate attention to the trend there. Secondly, the team of Thierfelder and Nawra were provided with a broad space, having a number of tables, in the houseplant section. And the Florapark decoration team were there to give them active help at all times.

Stefanie Thierfelder, Julia Nawra, Susanne Dürr, Sonja Rühle, Alexander Wagner
All are satisfied with the new look – from left to right: Stefanie Thierfelder, Julia Nawra, Susanne Dürr, Sonja Rühle, Alexander Wagner. Photograph: Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH / Jean-Luc Valentin

The Christmasworld "vivid heritage" trend, which displays traditional handicraft techniques from different cultural backgrounds in a very lively, modern fashion, has been adapted in colour and theme to the spring and summer. This means that the strong and dominant colours of mustard, petrol and red have been interpreted in a somewhat brighter way. In selecting the decoration materials, the designers turned to ethnic patterns, motifs, applications and embroideries with a folklore feel to them. For this purpose the creative duo have been able to take items from Ms. Dürr’s product range (they have used, for example, large rattan furniture, cachepots, baskets, cushions, poufs, botanical arrangements, plants or macramé). The houseplants, such as bromelias, medinillas and dracenas in bright red and yellow, fit quite excellently. In this way vivid heritage gets an exotic, Mediterranean look, conjuring a relaxed and yet inviting atmosphere.        

Specially for this purpose the team of Thierfelder and Nawra have bought six banners, which they have marked with a trend motif. These create extensive eye-catching areas – as do the hanging elements, which feature outsize baskets together with basket lamps. Further items already in their repertoire included, for instance, chains, strips, raffia mats, hanging baskets, carpets and tablecloths, to create strong colour surfaces.    

Florapark Wagner – a traditional firm going for top quality and professional advice

In Wiesloch people have associated flowers with the Wagner family since 1870. In 1999 "Blumenwagner" became “Florapark.” Today the fifth generation of Wagners is selling flowers and plants in a store covering 10,000 m2. “At the moment we employ 60 staff, all with professional training as gardeners or florists. In this way we can offer our customers the best possible advice”, emphasises Susanne Dürr.    

Top quality, outstanding service and a quite particular product range are especially important to her and her brother. Thus, for example, as a special service they will look after their customers’ delicate plants over the winter. Or provide advice and special offers when it comes to the big trend topics such as grilling, herbs and seasonings in the garden for the customer to pick themselves – which are proving very popular at the moment.  

“Moreover decoration plays a major role in our firm and is also very much in demand among our customers. The plant-and-decoration combination sells particularly well”, says Dürr. Nowadays the breadth of range, the right price-performance ratio, is just as important as the experience and the inspiration on the spot. “Touching, smelling, comparing – you can’t do these things online. That is our great advantage.”

Their strong commitment and passion for fresh greenery have been very successful. Florapark is one of Germany’s premium garden centres and in 2007 and 2016 was the recipient of the TASPO Award for the best garden centre in Germany, and since 2011 it has been one of the Gold Garden Centres of the Association of German Garden Centres (Verband Deutscher Garten-Center e. V. (VDG)).

The visit to the coming Christmasworld – featuring Floradecora, the market place for fresh flowers and decorative plants in the Galleria – is already firmly planned.

The next Christmasworld will be held from 25 to 29 January 2019.


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