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Premium: The business programme for top decision-makers in the field of concept decorations

With free participation in our exclusive Premium Business Programme, we offer you a special ‘trade-fair package’ of visionary keynotes, specifically themed guided tours and numerous great services for top decision makers for concept decorations. Read here how you can profit from them and participate.

Christmasworld Premium participant on a tour through Christmasworld
The Premium Business Programme brings together international concept decoration experts.

The exclusive networking and lecture programme is aimed at top international decision makers for interior and exterior decorations in shopping centres, commercial enterprises, cities and municipalities, as well as Christmas-market and leisure-park operators, innovative designers and decoration agencies.

Christmasworld is the perfect framework for and, at the same time, a source of inspiration for Premium, the exclusive networking event and lecture programme. When you walk round the fair, for example, you will be able to make contact with large-scale and public decorations specialists and lighting manufacturers.

The Premium Business Programme presents the latest industry developments and trends in a high-calibre two-day event format. On Friday, 25 January 2019 the theme is “Commercial properties, shopping centres and retail outlets”. Monday, 28 January 2019 will be organised in cooperation with the German Association of Urban Marketing (bcsd) and follows the theme of “Urban marketing and municipalities”.

The benefits of taking part in Premium

Welcome in front of the Christmasworld Premium Lounge
  • Premium Lounge (new location: hall 8.1 room Symmetrie) with all-day catering and access to Tulip Club (in Hall 9 level T)
  • Exclusive lectures and guided tours on subjects tailored to your interests
  • Free VIP parking at the Exhibition Centre
  • Free admission on all days of the fair
  • Free use of local public transport services (RMV) to and from the fair
  • Free cloakroom service
  • Chance to meet top international decision makers and experts from the concept-decoration sector

Participant impressions and opinions

I am certain, I’ll be able to use many of the stimulating ideas here today for the benefit of my own city. At all events, the trip to Frankfurt has been well worth it for me. I shall be able to use the points that Stefan Suchanek made as a checklist.

Edeltraud Leib, Citymanagement, Fulda

Christmasworld Premium is a profitable event for anyone who is responsible for displays in towns and cities. Form and content are creatively presented. We talk a lot about emotivity and individualisation and that is precisely what we experienced here today.

Yann Fürst, Lukom, Ludwigshafener Kongress- und Marketing-Gesellschaft mbH

Christmasworld offers a wealth of inspiration. I am completely overwhelmed. I enjoy the guided tours of the halls led by industry professionals – with so many exhibitors they are very helpful. The lectures are an important source of information.

Hannes Wolf, Quartiersmanager Gerberviertel Stuttgart

Two themed days at Premium

Experience two theme days with visionary keynote speeches on the latest industry developments and trends and an exciting awards ceremony, ‘Best Christmas City’.

Friday, 25 January 2019: Commercial properties, shopping centres and retail outlets

Dr Christian Mikunda, author of the book “Hypno-aesthetics: the ultimate seduction in marketing, retail and architecture”.
Dr Christian Mikunda, author of the book “Hypno-aesthetics: the ultimate seduction in marketing, retail and architecture”.

The keynote speaker is Dr Christian Mikunda with a lecture entitled “How light captivates – the psychology and dramaturgy of orchestrated worlds of light”. The lecture explores the psychological mechanisms and dramaturgical devices behind the use of lighting in successful marketing concepts. Dr Mikunda decodes the devices behind the creation of successful worlds of light. He answers the questions “Why lighting experiences sell?”, “What yearnings does light satisfy?” and “How does lighting create an unmistakable identity?”.

Dr Mikunda is seen as the founder of the theory of strategic dramaturgy. He advises the automotive industry, retail trade, television stations, museums and airports, develops brand lands and shopping malls and maps out unifying themes for cities and regions.

Monday, 28 January 2019: Urban marketing and municipalities

Professor Dr Sebastian Zenker
Sebastian Zenker is Professor of Urban Marketing at the Copenhagen Business School (Denmark).

Professor Sebastian Zenker is the keynote speaker and explains in his lecture “Events as urban brand communication” how events can positively affect the urban image. His proposition is: Every town has a brand. In order to positively influence this brand awareness, strategic brand communication is needed.

Sebastian Zenker is Professor of Urban Marketing at the Copenhagen Business School (Denmark). For more than five years he has been advising cities and municipalities at home and abroad on the subject of urban and regional marketing. He is the author of several books and scientific articles as well as a founding member of the International Place Branding Association (IPBA).

The day closes in a festive mood with the award ceremony for the “Best Christmas City” competition.

The registration Christmasworld Premium is completed.

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§ 1 Scope

(1) The use of the website and services offered by Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH (hereinafter referred to as MFE) in relation to the membership in the business programme Christmasworld Premium is subject to the following conditions of membership.

(2) Only top decision-makers involved in sourcing the interior and exterior decoration for shopping centres, trading companies and municipalities together with any decoration or event companies or advertising agencies commissioned by them in respect of decoration work, are entitled to be a member, free of charge, of the business programme Christmasworld Premium.

§ 2 Registration

(1) Prior online registration of members is required before any of the services of the business programme Christmasworld Premium may be used. At the time of online registration, especially to prove the wholesalers attribute, personal data of members (including company, name, address, email address, telephone number) will be required and will be treated in accordance with the provisions of German data protection legislation.

(2) Members undertake to provide full and accurate information about themselves and their companies, as required by the registration process; they further undertake to inform MFE at immediately of any subsequent changes to these information.

(3) MFE reserves the right to refuse registration to would-be members. The number of members is limited.

(4) After successful registration, applicants will receive an email confirming their membership in the business programme Christmasworld Premium or notification of refusal in case the applicant does not conform to the above-mentioned visitor group, or in case there are no more places available.

§ 3 Services

The services of the business programme Christmasworld Premium are listed on the Christmasworld website. The services that may be called upon through the business programme Christmasworld Premium after confirmation of registration has been received (including free admission ticket etc.) will be available solely to members of the business programme Christmasworld Premium. Services and benefits under the package may not, under any circumstances, be transferred to third parties of any kind. No claim may be made for payment or other alternative in lieu of such services.

§ 4 Rights reserved by MFE

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a) has given incorrect information at the time of registration,
b) has infringed these terms and conditions.

§ 5 Members’ obligations

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§ 6 Liability

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§ 7 Changes to the terms and conditions

MFE reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. This applies particularly to changes that are required as a result of compelling statutory regulation. Any such changes will be communicated to members by email or newsletter. They will be deemed to have been accepted, unless members decline to accept the change(s) within 14 days either by post or by email. In cases where members decline the changes, MFE reserves the right to cancel their contractual agreement with the member(s) within a month of receipt of notification of unwillingness to accept the new conditions.

§ 8 Opportunity to decline usage of data

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