Retail Boulevard at Christmasworld
24 – 28 January 2020 Frankfurt am Main Tickets & Registration

Retail BLVD: The future of the retail

What do your customers want when it’s time to buy something? What options are there for combining online and offline sales? What services can the bricks-and-mortar trade use to attract customers? In three houses, Retail BLVD demonstrates how sales can be made more interesting, convenient and service-oriented in the future. Gain inspiration and ideas that you can implement directly in your shop.

The ‘Retail Boulevard’ is a ‘visionary shopping street’: three houses offer recommendations for emotional and inspiring point-of-sale presentations and show how different customer needs can best be served. In this connection, the focus is on three different kinds of shopper identified in the new IFH 2019 Study (‘Structural change in the retail sector: from the consumer’s perspective’): Experience-oriented, convenience-oriented and service-oriented shoppers.


Retail Boulevard

Three houses generate new impulses for the 'customer journey'

In the three stores, "Social Media Playground", "Convenience" and "Experience-House", experts from IFH Cologne will invite you to interact – with short presentations, explanations, and live demonstrations. In addition, there will be guided tours through the Retail BLVD three times daily. In the central marketplace 'Market square', you will be invited to exchange experience and knowledge and there will be opportunities for networking.

Social Media Playground | Galleria 0, A16

In the 'Social Media Playground House', the digital channels, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and You Tube, will be presented in short ten-minute talks. Visitors will learn which channels they should use for their target group and what this can look like in practice. An experimental area will invite visitors to try and test things out.

The lecture programme

Experience-House | Galleria 0, A05

In the 'Experience House', visitors will be made aware that in future the customer expects a special shopping experience and would like to be inspired and amazed. Visitors will be given practical tips on this.

The lecture programme

Convenience-House | Galleria 0, A01

In the 'Convenience House', the purchase transaction needs to be quick, simple, and convenient – this is the inspirational factor providing guidance here for this for type of consumer. How can I offer more convenience combined with digital services? How do I make purchasing easier for my customers? Specialists from the IFH Cologne will present the visitors with digital solutions that they can try out themselves.

The lecture programme

Market Square | Galleria 0, A11

 The ‘Market Square’ is the starting point for the guided tours through the Retail BLVD. Moreover, it is also the venue for a number of short talks on the different types of shopper identified in the 2019 IFH study ‘Structural change in the retail industry: the consumer’s perspective’, which was commissioned by Messe Frankfurt.

The lecture programme

"In 2020, we’re developing the Retail BLVD in terms of the different phases within the 'customer journey'. The customer interest will be the focus as a first step. We are concerned with solutions for the retail trade which can be simply and quickly implemented."

Eva Olbrich, Director Christmasworld, Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH

"Shoppers can be categorised into three different types. In the Retail BLVD, we’ll be illustrating the classic customer journey from shoppers’ needs to good customer relationships. We’d like this to give trade visitors new impulses for communicating with their customers"

Boris Hedde, Director, IFH Cologne

Review: Impressions Retail Boulevard 2020

Pop-up store for Garden Center at the Retail Boulevard, Christmasworld
Pop-up store for Flower Store at the Retail Boulevard, Christmasworld
Pop-up store for DIY Shop at the Retail Boulevard, Christmasworld
Pop-up store for supermarkets at the Retail Boulevard, Christmasworld
Pop-up store for furniture stores at the Retail Boulevard, Christmasworld

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