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Online Event: Insights into the consumer goods trade fairs 2024 & AI in retail

18 Jan 2024

What may visitors expect at the upcoming Ambiente, Christmasworld and Creativeworld consumer goods fairs in Frankfurt and how do experts evaluate the potential of artificial intelligence for the retail sector? Thomas Kastl, Director Ambiente Dining, and Ian Scott, Director Retail Consulting Ltd, answered these questions in the latest edition of the Digital Academy.

Yesterday's Digital Academy has shown: Next week's events are a must-see for the entire consumer goods industry. "For the forst time, Ambiente, Christmasworld and Creativeworld will cover the entire Frankfurt exhibition centre 2024. This will make the offering more comprehensive than ever before and provide numerous opportunities for our trade visitors," as Thomas Kastl, Director Ambiente Dining, describes the three upcoming consumer goods fairs. A precise planning of the trade fair visit can give you a real advantage over competitors: „Visitors should also invest time in the supporting programme. The meta themes of sustainability, lifestyle, design, new work, future retail and digital expansion of trade are present all around the trade fairs and prepare trade buyers for product ranges in keeping with the zeitgeist", Kastl continues.

Ian Scott's presentation in the second part of the online event also dealt with a much-discussed topic around the zeitgeist. Here, it became clear that in retail, AI technology should be effectively combined with human experience in order to enhance the point of sale. „Covid has shown us that physical store visits cannot be translated into the web. People are social beings who seek human contact. That's why the physical point of sale will remain an important aspect of retail that can benefit from AI“, says Ian Scott, Director Retail Consulting Ltd.

The opportunities that AI offers the industry are diverse and range from a personalised approach to the customer via free in-store Wi-Fi and cost savings through automated processes or theft prediction. However, the use of AI is a balancing act, as society tends to be sceptical towards this technology. "It's important to understand the shopping experience: The offer must invite people in, not overwhelm them with too many screens, for example. If used correctly, artificial intelligence can promote interpersonal contact in shops", continues Scott, who has been working in retail for over 20 years and has been recognised by Retail Rethink as one of the Top 100 Retail Influencers.

Digital Event Platform: Stream and network now

The recorded online event is available in German and English in the media centre of the digital event platform. With the Digital Academy, the three consumer goods fairs Ambiente, Christmasworld and Creativeworld offer regular target group-specific online events on a joint platform on important topics that move the consumer goods sector. The events can be followed in both German and English and provide in-depth industry knowledge, food for thought and practical tips with keynotes and discussion panels by experts. Registration is free of charge and can be made via

In addition to access to the range of lectures, all participants of the Digital Academy receive further added value: they benefit from the matchmaking function throughout the year. This enables them to network and exchange business ideas all year round. The next episode of the Digital Academy will take place on 8 May 2024.

Ambiente will continue to take place at the same time as Christmasworld and Creativeworld at the Frankfurt exhibition centre:

  • Ambiente/Christmasworld: 26. to 30. January 2024
  • Creativeworld: 27. to 30. January 2024

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