Christmasworld Trends 2018/19

How are we to celebrate the most valuable moments of our lives? What new themes, colours, and designers will be stamping their mark on the new festive season? It is with questions such as these in mind, that the designers from Stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano have developed the Christmasworld Trends.

Four trend-setting styles will form the core of the up-coming festive season – vivid heritage, eclectic gathering, balanced sobriety, splendid history. These style worlds will each be staged in an elaborate scenario at Christmasworld 2018. You can get a foretaste of the up-coming colours, designs and materials here.

A free and, at the same time, sensitive handling of tradition, a sense of belonging and history is what currently characterises the world of design. For the 2018/19 Christmasworld Trends, we have brought together the main features with the help of examples provided by international designers and some more detailed descriptions of the materials used.

Annette Palmisano, stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano

vivid heritage

Christmasworld Trend 2018/19: vivid heritage
CREDITS material (from left to right): Wood: Maritime Pine by Alpi / Embroidery: *Pillow, **Detail Armchair / Cord / Eggs: Sorbian Painting / Keppler Stars, Photo: Cataln Rusnac © 123rf / ***Floral Textile Prints / Perforated Fur / Canvas by Kvadrat / Detail: Knotted and Pile Fabric by Danskina.

vivid heritage – this style interprets traditional handicraft skills from diverse cultures in a modern way that is full of vitality, with strong colours such as mustard, petrol and red. Particularly in evidence are patterns drawn from folklore and ethnic motifs, often in appliqué or embroidery.

eclectic gathering

Christmasworld Trend 2018/19: eclectic gathering
CREDITS material (from left to right): Wide Horizon by Germans Ermičs / Colour Spectrum, Photo: Nevodka © 123rf / *Animal Figures / (Tortoise) Nizwa Natural SIM by NLXL / Flower Painting on Porcelain / Metallic Gold / Wave Structure / Holographic Lights + Lights out of Focus, Photos: Aturaliev / Satina © 123rf / Transparent Relief Ornament / Concentric by Rob Zinn for Marset / (Mirror) All Saints by Kartell.

eclectic gathering – this extravagant trend combines apparent contrasts such as crystal, foil, mother of pearl and mirror-glass with playful details, exaggerated shapes and patterns, and creates surprise collage effects in pink, lemon, mandarin, azure, rosé, black and gold.

balanced sobriety

Christmasworld Trend 2018/19: balanced sobriety
CREDITS material (from left to right): Christmas Tree Ball by Christoball / Glass Detail: Fountain by Tokujin Yoshioka for Glas Italia / Honeycomb Paper: Flowers and Fan / Linen Fabric by product squid / Marble Texture by Forme di acqua / Textile Board Benches by Max Lamp for Really / Crack by NLXL / Kumiko Woodworking / Woven Bamboo Bowl / Detail: Linger Bench by Alvin Tjitrowirjo for Yamakawa / Sushi by Campana Brothers for ALPI, Photo: Federico Cedrone.

balanced sobriety – a purism of design, inspired mainly by the light-coloured woods, matt brass and shiny black surfaces of a Japanese aesthetic, finds expression in restrained natural tones. The colours range from pure white to rose gold, a shiny by cool grey, a deep bordeaux red and black.

splendid history

Christmasworld Trend 2018/19: splendid history
CREDITS material (from left to right): Green + Printed Velvet, Marabou Feathers, Celestine Druse, Bronze, Grey + Coloured Marble, Amethyst, Textured Leather, Polished Gemstone, Ashley Spring by Nya Nordiska (fabric), Lace, Freshwater Pearls.

splendid history – the luxurious and elegant are always staged here in unconventional and modern ways. Lace, precious and semi-precious stones, pearls and marble are combined with dark, saturated colours, together with accents in aventurine, aquamarine and gold.

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