Sales talk at an exhibition stand at Christmasworld

Planning and preparation for exhibitors at Christmasworld

Are you interested in exhibiting at Christmasworld? Register online and profit from international business contacts. You will find all important information for your trade-fair presentation, including your planning and preparatory work, here.

Documents for trade fair preparation

We have put together documents to help you organize your presence at the exhibition and simplify your planning.

Service Documentation 2020

In this service document, you will find important information on our services as well as lots of tips, dates, deadlines and information for your trade fair planning at a glance. This allows us to offer you the best possible support for designing and preparing your trade fair appearance.

Please be sure to forward this service document or the individual information sheets to everyone involved with the trade fair (such as stand constructors, agencies etc.).

Christmasworld: Sales talk exhibitor with a visitor

Stand rental prices 2020

Please note that special rates apply to the Christmas Delights product segments.

Stand rental prices Christmasworld 2020

  Stand rental price
open on one side EUR 216.00*/m²
open on two sides EUR 247.00*/m²
open on three sides EUR 263.00*/m²
open on four sides EUR 270.00*/m²
two-storey EUR 139.00*/m²
Floradecora (completely equipped stand) EUR 499.00*/m²

* To all square-metre prices must be added EUR 2.90/m2 environmental fee, EUR 0.60/m2 AUMA fee, as well as EUR 585.00 plus VAT for the obligatory Media Package (one-off fee).

The standard rental fee includes:

  • Partitions to neighbouring stands and numbered stand signs (2,50 m high + 12 cm feet; only in the case of advance orders in the Shop for Exhibitor Services)
  • Exhibitor and assembly/disassembly passes (depending on stand size)
  • Entrance ticket vouchers for visitors/buyers (depending on stand size)
  • Basic stand lighting by the hall lighting; air conditioning
  • Press relations and press conferences
  • Electronic and visual visitor guidance systems
  • Visitor marketing

For all other services, please visit our Shop for Exhibitor Services.

Stand rental prices Christmas Delights

A vendor of Christmas-oriented foodstuffs at Christmas Delights  at Christmasworld

Present your assortment in the unique atmosphere of a Christmas market. Are you a vendor of Christmas-oriented foodstuffs, such as mulled wine, gingerbread, tea and chocolate? If so, you could be part of our ‘Christmas Delights’ area at Christmasworld and draw the attention of international buyers to your range of products.

As an exhibitor of the product group "Christmas Delights", you will receive a Christmas hut (6 m2) for a package price net of 2,900.00 EUR*. Below you will find all the services included.

Stand (Christmas hut) 6 m²
Electrical power supply 1 – 3 KW
Stand illumination
Labelling (company name)
Media Package
Exhibitor passes, setup and dismantling passes 4
Visitor vouchers 30
Environmental charge (EUR 2.90/m²)

Package price net*

EUR 2,900.00

* plus EUR 0,60/m2 AUMA fee

The Media Package

The Christmasworld Media Package

The Media Package ensures you are well represented before, during and after the fair. Find out more about the services including in the Media Package below.

Presence in the catalogue

  • with company name, address, telephone, fax, website, e-mail, hall and stand number
  • 2 product groups in the catalogue

Online presence (Exhibitor and product search at Christmasworld)

  • 1 page with company name, address, telephone, fax, website, e-mail, hall, stand number and 1 photo of the company
  • 5 product pages – for each page a description and one photo
  • 1 contact page with a contact person
  • Free choice of 5 keywords for full-text search
  • Publication of the product groups as booked
  • 1 update of the presentation per trade fair cycle

On-site presence

  • listing in the visitor information system Compass on the fair site during the Christmasworld

Navigator App (for Apple and Android)

  • listing in exhibitor and product search
  • listing in the hall plan

Tradefair visitors inform themselves about your products in advance, during and after the event. Boost your presence in the exhibitor search with additional products online.

Registration for Christmasworld

Present your company and your products at Christmasworld, the biggest international trade fair for seasonal and festive decorations. Register online now – both new or existing customers will be guided step-by-step through the registration process.

Information on set-up and dismantling

Set-up and dismantling times 2020

Setting-up and dismantling at the exhibition ground in Frankfurt am Main

Normal setting-up for Christmasworld 2020 begins at 00.01 hrs on 18 January 2020. However, you can begin setting-up before at extra cost. The setting-up and dismantling times for Christmasworld 2020 are given below.

Please note that you can work around the clock during the normal Setting-up and dismantling times.



17 January 2020

Advanced setting-up (at extra cost)

  • 17 January 2020, from 00:01 a.m. until midnight
  • Advanced setting up is possible at extra cost: EUR 500.00


18 – 23 January 2020

Regular set-up

  • Around the clock from 00:01 a.m. on 18 January 2020 until 8 p.m. on 23 January 2020


28 – 30 January 2020


  • Around the clock from 8 p.m. on 28 January 2020 until 8 p.m. on 30 January 2020

Please note:

From 3 p.m. on the last set-up day, 23 January 2020, the aisles must be kept free for carpet laying.

On 28 January 2020, dismantling work is only possible on the stand itself until 8 p.m., because before then aisle carpets are removed and empty containers delivered. Vehicles for dismantling are permitted to enter the exhibition centre from 8 p.m.


Should you have any questions regarding set-up and dismantling, please contact:

Lorena Benter


Lorena Benter

Check-in for set-up and dismantling

Check-in for set-up and dismantling

For the entire duration of the set-up and dismantling period, entry to the exhibition grounds is only possible via check-in. Any vehicle entering the exhibition grounds must be registered in advance via the Messe Frankfurt online portal. The information is verified at the check-in. Unregistered vehicles are not permitted to enter the exhibition grounds at the gates. It is also possible to register a vehicle on site, but delays can occur in this case.

For earlier stand set-up, no advance vehicle registration is required. It is sufficient to show that earlier set-up has been approved. Entry during this period is directly via Tor West (west gate).

Here you can find all important information about the Messe Frankfurt check-in system:

Messe Frankfurt Traffic Management


Questions on check-in? Please contact:

Warning of unofficial exhibitor directories

We would like to inform you that numerous suppliers have issued so-called "unofficial exhibitor directories". Please pay attention to our information on this topic:

We would like to inform you that numerous suppliers such as Construct Data (FAIRGuide, Expo Guide), Matic Verlagsgesellschaft mbH and the online catalogue "International Fairs Directory" have issued so-called "unofficial exhibitor directories".

These directories have nothing to do with the official exhibitor directory as issued by Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH.

These companies are trying to get you to pay for an entry in their exhibitor directory using the subject heading of "Datenkontrolle" or “data update". If you want to appear only in the official exhibitor directory as issued by Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH, then please decline these offers.

The official exhibitor directory as well as all online media are strictly issued by Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH in collaboration with Messe Frankfurt Medien und Service GmbH.

If you have been accepted as an exhibitor at one of our trade fair events, then rest assured that your basic entry will appear in the official exhibitor directory and the online media.

You can find more information as well as a sample reply letter which you can use to react to an invoice from the suppliers of these so-called "unofficial exhibitor directories" on the home page of the AUMA, the Association of the German Trade Fair Industry.

Free PR for exhibitors

We will be pleased to support your press and PR activities for the trade, daily and business press during Christmasworld. Our services for exhibitors:

Press displays in the press center (Messe Frankfurt)
  • Publication of press events: we publish the times and dates of your press event in the Press Centre and provide journalists with a list of all press events organised by exhibitors.
  • Press display units are available free of charge for presenting your corporate and product information in the Press Centre.


Do you have any questions? If so, please contact:

Nadine Pölzl

Press Project Manager

Nadine Pölzl

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