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Christmas tree ball at Christmasworld

The Christmasworld product groups

Christmasworld presents the latest decorations for Christmas and all festivals and festivities of the year. In a nutshell, it shows ‘Seasonal decoration at its best’. Just in time for the start of the new festive season, it offers an immeasurable spectrum of new products and ideas for effective staging at the point of sale.

Christmas & Seasonal decoration

Christmas tree decorations at Christmasworld

Whether Christmas, Easter, baptism, communion, confirmation or weddings, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or birthdays, Halloween, barbeque or spring, summer, winter the various seasons and festivals can only be celebrated properly with decorative accessories and festive decoration. It’s time for some new window dressing to attract customers into the shop. Here you will find decoration for Christmas and all other celebrations. Here you will find decorations for all celebrations.

Visual merchandising & Light

visual merchandising & light at Christmasworld

In the dark winter months, there are unlimited opportunities to use ultra-modern, energy-saving LED technology, as well as multi-faceted Christmas and decorative lighting for the home and garden. At Christmasworld, shops and cities that want to stand out from the crowd will also find eye-catching shop-window and in-shop decorations, including moving figures and indoor and outdoor lighting. After all, it’s the first impression that counts for whether customers want to discover more or not.

Florists’ requisites & Garden decorations

Florist supplies: pots with plants at Christmasworld

All year round, flowers set attractive accents in the home, shops, hotels and public building. Buyers will find a broad selection of creative ideas and materials for artificial flowers / plants, artificial trees and wreaths / sprays / hollow-ware, and garden decorations.


white candles at Christmasworld

Did you know? Christmasworld is also the world's biggest candle fair with an unrivalled range of candles, candlesticks, candleholders and accessories.

Ribbons & Wrapping

wrapping materials and ribbons at Christmasworld

With individual wrapping materials, giving gifts is twice the pleasure. New colours, motifs, materials and printing options even enable customers and retailers to personalise ribbons and bows. A must-have for every business to underscore quality – and, at the same time, to make the gift even more impressive.

Christmas Delights

Spice at Christmas Delights, Christmasworld

Christmas Delights are Christmas confectionary, such as mulled wine, Christmas cake, chocolate and tea. Wooden huts create a genuine Christmas-market atmosphere and trade visitors will be able to whet the appetite of their customers for culinary products as gifts or souvenirs for use at home.

Global Sourcing

2 Women at Global Sourcing at Christmasworld

From florists' requisites to seasonal decorations, Christmas products to lighting – the manufacturers with a focus on volume business from China, India, Thailand or the Philippines represent the entire product portfolio.

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